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thingsshared's Journal

Music Stop
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Things Shared is a community to recommend your favorite songs/artists/bands to other lj users, and to review the songs that other members have recommended. You may also post some of your favorite lyrics if you'd like. Please read the rules before posting to avoid any future problems. :)


1. This community is for recommending songs, and reviewing the songs that others have recommended. Please stay on topic.

2. Please put the genre of the song you are recommending in your post, and a little bit about the song. Feel free to review the song, but don't bash posters because of their taste in music

3. Extremely long posts, as well as pictures must be kept behind lj cut. Posts that do not to this may be edited without warning.

4. Please refrain from making posts asking for codes. If, however, you want to include a request for a code at the end of one of your posts, you may do so.