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2004 scares me.

just thought i'd pick some noggins to see if i can get any opinions at all.

i don't think 2004 has much to offer this year.

i'm only looking forward to the new Cure album and the NIN album.

the last Cure album was the biggest suck that ever sucked, minus the 2nd to last track '39' and that was mostly cos of the guitar work that i enjoyed. a lot of cure fans liked bloodflowers because it was sad cure or old cure or some bullshit like that, but it just sounded miserable. in the off time robert added vocals to a blink182 song, haven't heard it, but can only imagine the 'depth' or goodness of it. for the new one they're working with Ross Robinson (resume includes: Vanilla Ice and Korn), i'm optimistically hopeful that it will be a new sound, but realistic that it will probably suck balls.

the last NIN was very good but i wonder how the new album will be because this has been a rather lengthy break and i wonder if it'll just be reitteration of past works or if he's expanded/evolved beyond work of his contemporarys/friends of late. and i'm worried about the sound of it from what i've been reading on the net. i mean, if one were to say that Jimi mastered the guitar, then trent mastered the computer/guitar/etc. but he's trying to break new grounds and i'm not sure that sound has really been breaking barriers when it comes to music.

other than adding that triple quick beat shit that Incubus and some R&B songs tried to add, or the random record scratch, i don't know that there has been much evolution of music. rock/rap hybrids are as old as Faith No More but suck more, the punks and their revivalists are kinda' done cos the 'true' punks hate the kids that love them, ska come back has gone and went, there's that rock push with Jets/Strokes/Vines/White Stripes, but that'll be sure to fade too.

what i really can't stand of late is Outkast... i mean "rap" wouldn't have had any mini-revival had Eminem suddenly sprung up. and Outkast is doing this rappy r&b sing-song hybrid, they're not quite rapping or anything. it just sounds like *nasal DJ voice* 'a funky kinda' beat kids!' and some crazzzzzy guy! woo!*

i mean, i have no clue what that song is about, the hey ya', except i want to kill them when it's stuck in my head. the video has been done... it was like nirvana doing their ed sullivan show thing but in green and i'm sure the old skool performance thing has been done, i mean, wasn't that what lady marmalade thing was? next it'll be Crystal Method DJing while old footage of people break dancing on cardboard in LA flickers on the wall behind them.

i saw Outkast on SNL and i didn't get any further insight and the 2nd song was just any ol' song. there's this other band that somewhat reminds me of Outkast's sound, they do 'where is the love' and while a nice sentiment, being all multi-cultural in retro clothes singing a retro theme, gimmie a break. but back to Outkast, i don't think musically they're doing anything neat and/or cool that Beck hasn't beat them to already and he got beat by a few generations before that too. they're just spouting out a recycled catchy silly hook beat, etc. i'd be surprised to see what Beck would do, come out with now, as well as, Moby, who isn't very brilliant on either of his albums if you listen to the (name escapes me) album that Brian Eno and David Byrne did.

so all in all, yes, i think this year will be a musical Outkast.
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