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hi, i'm new!

yes - specially older etheral and then the later etheral yes, not much of the 80's poppy yes. it's like diet-tool with how complex and layered the music is at times.

the cure - i hear lots of their styles of guitar on 13th Step by APC, but i think they just improved it. my fav. by the Cure is the Wish album, very heavy guitar work if you can ignore the sappy predictable ballads and pop pap. Listen to this album strickly for
'high' - pop, yes, but bearable
'From the edge of the deep green sea' - this song is exxxcellent, hearing it live is beyond
'cut' - stupid lyrics but great guitar
'end' - yes!

actually the cure do this thing that i don't like, several of their very good tracks get put on albums with, while unique, not always great moods and was only excusable in my opinion on the album 'wild mood swings' because you're expecting it then.
other great guitar work tracks by the cure that i recommend.
want - wild mood swings
39 - bloodflowers (the only good track on the album)

and that's all for now.
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