Still Feel The Deep Pain (sxw) wrote in thingsshared,
Still Feel The Deep Pain

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Does anyone know some really good music DLing sites or good songs?
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I like Kazaa but I'm also looking for oter DLing sites.........good downloads: Kylie-Come Into My Word (Fischspooner remix), Underworld-Born Slippy, Anything by Taking Back Sunday, The Rocking Horse Winner- Raspberry Water, Anything else by The Rocking Horse Winner, Peaches- Fuck The Pain Away, Rob Zombie- Living Dead Girl, Rob Zombie- I Feel So Numb, Meat Puppets- Unexplained, Foo Fighters- Down In The Park (Gary Numan cover), P M Dawn- If You Never Say Goodbye, Pxes- Where I My Mind? and Killer Barbies- Downtown...are a few rather groovy tunes =D!!
Sorry, my keybored is really fucked =/